Police Officer Ensures That Puppy Found Freezing Will Never Be Cold Again

On an unusually cold day in Daytona, Florida, a police officer heard a cry coming from the river. The cry was a dog, wedged between two rocks, who was needing help. The officer was able to save her from the river and brought her back to shore, earning the name “River” for the dog. The dog was still a puppy though and had to be nursed back to help with a bottle, but now she’s doing much better and has a happy home with the police officer.

Key Takeaways:

  • A Daytona Beach police officer found an abandoned puppy in the freezing cold during a very chilly stretch of weather.
  • The officer brought the dog into the local animal shelter to be cared for until it could find an owner.
  • But, the officer simply couldn’t stop thinking about the dog – and she ended up adopting the puppy shortly thereafter.

“Cantrell went in every day or two to check on River until she could take her home on February 2nd. River seemed to know she was going home forever, as she couldn’t stop licking Cantrell’s face.”

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