The American Rescue Dog Show Is Like Westminster For Rescue Pups!

The Westminster Dog Show shows of all purebred dogs but what about the mutts of the world? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered. There is now a mixed breed competition called American Rescue Dog Show that was recently shown on the Hallmark channel on February 19th. Much like the puppy bowl, it focuses instead on rescue dogs and where the dogs live. It also has cute names for prizes like “Best in Wiggle Butt” proving that all dogs are great.

Key Takeaways:

  • There is a new dog show, and people have had good things to say about it. The American Rescue Dog Show is proving to be an increasingly popular contest.
  • Rescue pups are ready to show their stuff in front of a crowd. They have a range of categories that are popular with everyone as well.
  • Follow the events and contribute to the dog show whenever it is possible. These rescue pups are out to prove that they have what it takes.

“In the show, the cutie-pie canines will be participating in categories that include “Best in Kissing,” “Best in Wiggle Butt,” and “Best in Couch Potato.”

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