Why Do Some Dogs Gravitate Toward People Who Don’t Like Pets?

Some Dogs Gravitate Toward People that don’t like pets. Why does it seem that this is even truer when it comes to those that have a dislike for dogs? Speaking from my experience with dogs, I think the attraction connection seems perfectly understandable. I have some friends whose child does not like dogs. Dogs are too invasive of his personal space, and he is overwhelmed when a dog happily runs up to greet him. However, since he is small and loud and tends to move about erratically my dog quickly tunes into the youngsters high energy because he seems to believe that he is just another puppy that wants to play. My dog is also timid around strangers that he does not know well. If they try to reach out their hand to pet him he will shy away because he doesn’t like people reaching for him. However, if you stand there and let him come to you and ignore him, he is more likely to put his head right under your hand for a pet or a scratch on his own terms.

Key Takeaways:

  • Could your non-interest in them make you more interesting?
  • They may not be your type, but are you theirs?
  • Do dogs discriminate, or are they inclined to show affection to everyone, man, woman, and child?

“A third possibility is that people who are indifferent to dogs appear less intimidating, especially if the pup tends to be on the timid side.”

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