You’ve Played A Part In Funding Over 45 Veteran-Pet Adoptions!

Pets For Patriots

The IHeartDogs shop is proud to talk about their accomplishments, especially on the charity front. They use a portion of their sales to fund “Pets for Patriots” a group who finds pets for vets. To date, through a combo of sales and donations, Iheartdogs has been able to help Pets for Patriots with 45 adoptions. There’s some great pics on the site of those vets and the pets they took home, even of one who couldn’t leave without two cats to call her own.

Key Takeaways:

  • Sales made through iheartdogs help to fund charitable ventures, bringing pets and people closer together.
  • One of these is the adoption of dogs by military veterans, facilitated by a charity.
  • As of this writing, your donations have helped to support over 45 of these heart-warming pairings.

“Katherine has the added distinction of fulfilling Pets for Patriots 1,600th and 1,601st adoptions, respectively.”

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